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The Peace Angels Project is a work of Art. At its core it is a contemporary implementation of swords to plough shares. Using art, state of the art technology and media, the Peace Angels Project brings forward the concept of choice, to go to war or to create.

In the Peace Angels 20 plus years, Art has been created to encompass weapons and repurpose them to empower human beings. When I would travel, I would bring two suitcases: one for clothes and one for art supplies. On the way back, the suitcase with the supplies was instead, full of Art that captured the essence of the journey.

Enter Derek Cabaniss who is a San Francisco Gallerist. One of Derek's artists is the highly esteemed neo-expressionist Hunt Slonem. His résumé speaks for itself. A visionary Gallerist who is shaping a new gallery in San Francisco, he is the quantitative professional.

The first Peace Angels Project exhibition will open reverie arts gallery next spring in San Francisco. April 20 in New York City, the September 11th Museum is planned to open. The World Trade Center Renaissance Peace Angel will be unveiled at that time within the museum. So, the opening of the Art within rêverie arts in my home of San Francisco has special resonance to me.

Some of the combination of art and technology that will be in the exhibition has never been done before.

Derek recently partnered with Art. Only 150 galleries were chosen to be included in this first introduction of Fine Art / High Art thru

Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon is a visionary entrepreneur. Amazon's partnership with the 150 galleries comes with his approval.

Amazon's partnership with rêverie arts gives me the two businessmen that I feel have the vision and capacity to offer the Art of the Peace Angels Project to people who are seasoned collectors and new collectors worldwide.

Each work of Art holds the resonance of the whole of the Peace Angels Project and I am proud to work with them.

lin evola

My contact is my gallery. I am proud to bring the Art of the Peace Angels thru Derek Cabaniss.

I am delighted to work thru Derek with Jeff Bezos's Amazon.

Anyway, it would be great fun to design for Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin and Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.

It is of great interest to me to use the weapons in a repurposed way that brings humanity to delight and forward movement to the stars.

It's a New World.

lin evola

It will take all of us to be a part of the solution of the challenges that our earth has coming forward. We as humans, don't have the luxury of fighting and war. Discord destroys. Who knows what children from which parts of the world will bring forth solutions to the onslaught of nature before us?

For the human species to survive, we will evolve toward inclusion, within our world and within ourselves.

We must shift our consciousness past the question of peace to build a better world and to create the good.