Now You Can Order Condoms With The Push Of A Button

Thanks, Amazon

The candles are lit, Barry White's on the hi-fi and -- damn, you forgot a condom.

If you live in fear of being unprepared, and are too lazy to buy condoms at the store, Amazon has a solution. The e-commerce site now offers a Dash Button that lets customers buy Trojan condoms simply by pressing a tiny gray button.

The prophylactic-summoning device is one of 80 new Dash Buttons Amazon rolled out Thursday. The buttons let Amazon Prime members order specific branded products, like Trojan condoms and Playtex Sport tampons, with as much effort as it takes to swipe right on Tinder.

To use Dash, you just connect the device to your Amazon account, set it up on your smartphone and press the button to place an order. Delivery times vary, but Amazon says Dash items ship as fast as anything else ordered with Prime.

Amazon launched its first Dash Buttons exactly one year ago. The company now offers more than 100. Other new additions include Slim Jim and Red Bull buttons -- because why not?


The condom button seems like it could actually improve people's health. Cases of sexually transmitted infections in the U.S. have been rising in recent years, according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control. When people have unsafe sex, 20 percent of the time it's because neither partner has a condom, according to Trojan's condom compliance survey.

Dash Buttons cost $4.99 for Prime members. But Amazon refunds customers after their first purchase, so the buttons end up essentially costing nothing.

While the company isn't saying how successful the buttons have been, it says orders purchased using Dash buttons increased 75 percent in the last three months, per Tech Crunch.

Perhaps sales will rise as people's passions do.

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