The Best Affordable Dinner Plates To Step Up Your Next Party

Creating eye-catching tablescapes is easier than you'd think, thanks to these options.
Vivid plate set from Amazon.

It was a cool 7 p.m. I was happily in sweatpants, ready to microwave a turkey hot dog and watch the new “Pam & Tommy” Hulu show when my friend texted they were on their way for the small dinner party I was hosting. The one I had completely forgotten about. In a blur, I scoured my pantry, scanned the fridge and composed a sad collection of a half-block of cheddar, some slightly wilted produce and microwave rice in the little yellow pouch.

After cracking a cold Polar seltzer, I looked at my cabinets and felt a sigh of relief. I had just gotten some new dinner plates. Small ones in bright colors, and big ones in cool shapes that frame and elevate any tablescape. They’re plates that make even the most last-minute, totally rushed, semi-microwaved meal look like a Food Network photoshoot. And I got them with free shipping from Amazon.

For seasoned chefs and bag salad connoisseurs alike, an eye-catching set of plates is the great dinner party equalizer. You don’t need to know how to properly deglaze a pan (or what “deglazing” even means) to set a table that lifestyle bloggers would envy. Whether you live for neon colors and prints or prefer more sleek and natural tones, plates are the backdrop of your dinner party. They set the stage for the food, sure, but also for the general tone of the night. A set of statement plates will amp up your hosting and make your own meals feel a little more special.

In an effort to spread a little style to every kitchen table, I wanted to share my beloved plates and a couple of other cute sets on Amazon. I’ve found a mix of smaller plates (around 7-8 inches across) and larger (around 10.5 inches across). And because I’m good like that, they’re all dishwasher and microwave safe.

From marble-print plates to colorful ceramics, here are the best statement plate sets you won’t believe are from Amazon.

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A set of four maximalist colorful salad plates
These are the salad plates I have, and let me tell you, late-night Wheat Thins have never looked better. Whether I'm cooking an elaborate meal for guests, heating leftovers for myself or just having a snack, the bright patterns make the food look like a lifestyle blogger's Instagram. They're 8.75-inch salad plates, so they're smaller than the matching traditional dinner plate, and they're great for laying out cheese, nuts, fruits or other small bites during a dinner party. They're microwave and dishwasher safe and come in five prints. The one shown is the "Havana" print, which is available on other tabletop items, too.

Promising review: "I love these plates. They are not just for kids or patios. We use them every day because they’re lightweight, sturdy, beautiful and they make dishwashing so easy since we’re not concerned with chipping them. I searched long and hard for the right size. I like this size because it’s not so small like a tiny salad or dessert dish but it’s also not so large like an American dinner dish. So we can put the perfect amount of food for moderate eaters and not overdo it." — Marta
A set of four marble-print large porcelain plates
For elegance with a little bit of edge, these marble printed plates are it. They're 10.5-inch dinner plates, so they'll make a statement on any table, but porcelain means they're not super heavy. They're dishwasher and microwave safe.

Promising review: "Beautiful, sturdy and practical." — Salma
A set of six speckled pastel rimmed ceramic plates
These 7.8-inch plates are about an inch deep, so they're perfect for getting every bite out of salads, curries and other saucy meals. They have a speckled glaze in muted colors, but the natural rim gives the style a little pop. They're appetizer plates, so smaller than the matching dinner plates, but reviews say they're not like "plates for a Barbie Dream House"-small. These are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe and come in three colors.

Promising review: "Absolutely beautiful! I love the multi-colored pastel set! Perfect for my style. It was difficult to find the mellow, warm tone with the colors. I bought the entire set: small bowls, larger pasta bowls and small and large plates. Not sure why one set of bowls only comes with a set of 4 while everything else comes with six. They are durable, they came fast and I am quite pleased with the quality. I rarely leave reviews but since I love them and they sent a nice email asking about their product, I figure if someone else was contemplating this set, I can say that I am thankful I ordered them. I searched far and wide (from Etsy to Nordstrom) for a nice ceramic multi-colored set and couldn’t be happier that I found these! Other places offer too bright of colors for my taste or sets of one color only. I would gladly purchase from them again in the future. Thank you for your beautiful, hard work Mora Ceramics." — Jacqueline Lincoln
A set of four blue and white small plates with angled edges
A plate set with the same color scheme in different patterns gives your table cohesion but still a little flair. These are 8-inch dessert plates, so they're smaller than larger dinner plates, and the reviews say the rim curves up, almost like a low bowl. They're dishwasher and microwave safe, and perfect for appetizers or snacks.

Promising review: "These are nice ceramic plates. We eat a lot of rice and fish and I think it looks good in these plates/bowls. I had been wondering when I ordered them if they were more of a bowl or a plate. They are more of a bowl, not a flat plate. More like a large low bowl where the sides come only up about 1.6 inches though. The designs are as pictured on the product page. I love to eat out of a nice dish, it just makes the food taste better and it makes you feel more special." — Sabiene
A set of four square ceramic plates you can use as trays
A large black plate set adds instant drama to a table, especially when next to colorful salad plates. These are 10 by 10 inches, so they'll be an eye-catching piece on any tablescape. Use them as serving trays to lay out meats or veggies or as individual plates for your guests. These are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Reviews say they can chip when around other dishes, so you may want to be extra careful with spacing and storing. These come in six colors.

Promising review: "These plates are awesome! Thick and heavy. Durable. Love the raised edge. Black matte just like I wanted. These are great plates! Packaged well!" — Xanthia
A set of six cylindrical plates in natural earth tones
This set does it all. Part bowl, part plate, part colorful, part neutral — these 8-inch plates can fit into any kitchen decor and serve all types of food. They're an inch deep and are perfect for salads, dips or smaller dishes. These are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe, and come in two colors.

Promising review: "These places are so beautiful and sleek. I love how lightweight they are and the colors are all so calm and soothing. I love the look and each plate was packaged very well. I'm looking forward to ordering the larger dinner plates to match. If you are thinking of purchasing, I highly recommend. AND it's a big plus to support a small business that hand makes each piece rather than a big box store. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I'll be telling everyone I know about Mora." — Tim
A set of six large vivid plates in different prints
Instantly light up any table with this set of large, vibrant plates. They're 10.5 inches in diameter, so they're great for serving or personal place settings and the eye-catching prints will instantly amp up even a TV dinner. They're microwave, oven and dishwasher safe, and matching bowls and small plates are available, too.

Promising review: "I purchased this set of colorful dinner dishes to replace the old, boring dishes I've had for years. I love the beautiful, unique painted designs and I love the fact that each dish has its own pattern! I also love the fact that they are dishwasher safe and the plates are easy to stack in the rack. The plates seem sturdy and are a generous size to fit a big meal. I had previously purchased the matching Fareilyn-X large bowl set, which are great for cereal and soups, and now I just bought the small 8-bowl set which are cute and perfect for fruit and small snacks. I would definitely recommend these dishes!" — TEW_Michelle K.

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