Amazon Founder Offers To Send Donald Trump To Space

In a tweet, Jeff Bezos indicated Blue Origin will not discriminate against any American, even a xenophobic demagogue.

After billionaire Donald Trump commented that Jeff Bezos was "screwing the public" by sheltering his money through an investment in The Washington Post -- a dubious claim that experts and journalists quickly debunked -- the founder of replied by offering the pugnacious presidential candidate a seat on his space startup's reusable rocket

The idea of sending Trump to space may resonate with people who have heard the xenophobic demagogue's unconstitutional, un-American comments about barring Muslims from entering the United States

Commercial flights on Bezos' Blue Sky rockets are still years away, however, which means that Mr. Trump may only come crashing to Earth in 2016 if Republican primary voters decide to stop fueling his rise.

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