AmazonGo Goes Retail

I think it’s fair to say that has set out to eliminate traditional retail outlets. While that may or not have been their stated mission, the reality is that the brand and the business did reinvent commerce.

The amazon logo almost says it all...a to z (variety) with an arrow (speed).

Well now it seems like the brand is indeed tackling brick and mortar too...with actual bookstores! There are several of them throughout the US already. But amazon bookstores aren’t your ordinary outlet. The inventory is chosen based on amazon sales, so it’s filled with books chosen by consumers. A data-driven retail approach, if you will.

Now the physical outlets are expanding beyond just books. Just recently the business launched amazon-go, a convenience store for amazon associates. You simply walk in with your amazon account, and you never have to “checkout.” Brilliantly seamless, or “frictionless” as they say.

The concept will soon go beyond just amazon is planning to open up grocery stores starting in Seattle, Washington in spring 2017.


The shopping experience is incredibly smooth, assuming that you’re an amazon member...and why wouldn’t you be?!?

Here’s a video that explains it all:

Taking over the retail world? Maybe, although with amazon-dash and amazon-echo and amazon-restaurants the brand certainly isn’t walking away from online domination either.

Taking over the retail world? Seems so!

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