How Much? Amazon Bought Goodreads For $150 Million, According To Reports

Report Claims Amazon Bought Goodreads For Less Than You Think

Once the initial shock had passed, people were asking: exactly how much did Amazon pay for Goodreads?

Neither party was talking, but Forbes columnist Jeff Bercovici estimated "the low eight digits" soon after the news broke.

Close to $1 billion, calculated Bloomberg Businessweek.

All Things D's Kara Swisher, however, claims to have the answer, and give Jeff Bercovici a cupcake because according to Swisher's sources, the answer is between $140 and $150 million, in a mixture of cash and stock, for the site's 16 million users.

That's peanuts compared to Instagram's $1 billion price tag, but given that Goodreads had only taken in investments of around $2.75 million up to this point, that's not a bad hunk of change for the investors True Ventures and the founders, married couple Otis and Elizabeth Chandler.

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