Amazon Tightens Rules On Hoverboards Because Of Those Pesky Fires

One hoverboard maker agreed that "safety is on the forefront."

Amazon has removed many, but not all, brands of hoverboards from its website following reports of the popular Christmas present catching fire. 

Without any public announcement, models of the self-balancing scooters from makers like Swagway and Phunkeeduck have disappeared from the online retailer. Hoverboards from brands like Jetson and Razor remain for sale. 

On Friday, Amazon asked Swagway to provide documentation that its boards' batteries and chargers meet safety standards, according to Swagway. The company told HuffPost that its boards passed those tests and that it has sent proof to Amazon.

"As safety is on the forefront for Swagway, we applaud Amazon for taking these steps to weed out the low-quality boards," said spokeswoman Lauren Song.

So far this year, there have been reports of 11 hoverboards catching fire in 10 states, according to the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. Last week, a hoverboard burst into flames at a Washington state mall. Widely seen video shows people using a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. 

The lithium ion batteries used to power the boards are suspected of causing the fires to start. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends not charging the boards overnight.

"Consumers deserve answers especially because this is such a popular toy for the holidays," said agency spokeswoman Patty Davis. The safety commission is conducting an investigation. 

There have been 39 reported emergency room visits by people hurt in falls from or collisions with hoverboards, Davis said. 

Another major retailer,, has eliminated hoverboards from its site, and airlines like Delta, United and American forbid passengers from bringing the devices on their planes. 

Amazon officials didn't respond to The Huffington Post's inquiries.