There Are A Lot Of Amazon Plants On Sale Ahead Of Prime Day

They even come in modern planters.

FYI, HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Some Prime Day deals are time sensitive, so prices are subject to change.

There are plenty of places to buy houseplants online, but many of us consider Amazon the gold standard for impulse purchases that’ll arrive quickly. That’s why, when we spotted a flash sale on plants on Amazon, we had to share our secret.

Right now, you’ll find several varieties of plants from Costa Farms — one of Amazon’s leading plant retailers — on sale in the lead-up to Prime Day. (The big sale doesn’t hit until July 15 and 16, but there are plenty of major markdowns happening early, like this better-than-2018 sale on the Instant Pot.)

Because houseplants have been shown to make use happier and more productive (not to mention they make a place feel damn cozy), it’s worth browsing this early Prime Day deal while it lasts. It’s also worth mentioning that these plants ship with the stylish pots they’re photographed in, so no need to spend extra cash on a fancy planter.

Below, we’ve pulled together some of the greenest greenery on sale right now on Amazon. Want more? Stay up to date on our Prime Day 2019 coverage by signing up for HuffPost’s sales and deals newsletter, Full Carts, Can’t Lose.

Take a look:

White Bird Of Paradise
Normally $56, get on sale for $46.
Peace Lily In Decorative Planter
Normally $57, get it on sale for $46.
Majesty Indoor Palm Tree In Seagrass Basket
Normally $65, get it on sale for $52.
Dumb Cane Dieffenbachia In Decorative Planter
Normally $25, get it on sale for $20.
Aloe In Modern Ceramic Planter
Normally $25, get it on sale for $20.