This Woman's Amazon Prime Costume Just Won Halloween

Let's all just pack up and go home because we're never going to be as good as this.

Did you think your Halloween costume was good? Because it’s probably nothing in comparison to this woman’s Amazon Prime costume.

Clearly, Caron Arnold takes Halloween very seriously.

Katey Hindes/Fusion Marketing

If it wasn’t already clear, her incredible costume is an amalgam of the Transformer Optimus Prime and Amazon.

The Creative Director at a marketing agency has no affiliation with Amazon other than that she’s a customer like the rest of us, but she was inspired by the retailer for her office’s costume contest.

Of the elaborate costume, Arnold told The Huffington Post that her coworkers helped her collect the Amazon boxes over the past week and that the construction was no small feat.

Jason HackettFusion Marketing

“All in all, it took about 10 hours over a few days. My kids helped and they were trying it on every chance they could,” she said. “Looks like I’ll be making a few more cardboard masks for them.”

Arnold said that this costume building guide inspired her to put the whole thing together. She even won her office’s costume contest against Morticia and Wednesday Addams and a NintenDUDE.

So, is this the costume of the decade? We think so.

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