'Amazon Prime For Women' Parody Has The Perfect Solution To Wage Inequality

Introducing "Amazon Prime for Women:" A service where women get 78 percent of an item, for 78 percent of the price.

That's the premise behind a parody video created by YouTube comedian Paul Gale and starring actress Lauren Ireland. The fake commercial points out that women make 78 cents for each dollar a man makes for the same work (the gap is even larger for women of color), and illustrates just how ridiculous that statistic is.

Since the wage gap is an unfortunate reality, "Amazon Prime for Women" proposes a fair solution. "From books to umbrellas to sweaters, it's the Prime service you love at the price you can afford when you're taking home three-quarters as much as a man would for being equally productive."

Gale said that he hopes the video will bring awareness to wage inequality.

"Regardless of the exact [wage gap] numbers, there's a systemic inequality embedded in our society, whether it's regarding gender, race, or sexual orientation," he told The Huffington Post. "To have a platform to point at it in my own way and say 'Hey, this! We should talk about this!' is something I'm grateful to be able to do."

Watch the full video above.



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