Amazon Now Has A Streaming Music Player

Amazon is trying to give us all the reasons it can to buy Amazon Prime.

On Thursday, the giant online retailer launched its much-anticipated streaming music service for Amazon Prime customers, called Prime Music.

Prime Music is the latest perk offered to customers enrolled in Amazon's membership program, which already includes a streaming video service and free two-day shipping on many items on Amazon. For customers, the addition of streaming music may help justify the recent Amazon Prime price hike to $99 from $79.

The company boasted that Prime Music can stream over 1 million songs, all without ads. There's no additional cost for Amazon Prime members.

Here's what it looks like:

amazon prime music

It may take a while for Amazon to convince Prime members to give up their iTunes or Pandora habits. Nineteen percent of Prime members have never used its existing video streaming service, which has been around since 2011.

Also, 1 million songs may sound like a lot, but Spotify has 20 million songs. Prime Music will not have any music from Universal Music Group, which is the world's biggest music label.

You won't be able to hear any hot new hits on Prime Music. It won't have any new songs or albums until they are at least 6 months old, Buzzfeed reported.

You can also store your music in the player. Any music you buy through Amazon is automatically there, and you can add 250 more songs free of charge.

Long story short: Don't give up your Spotify account.