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What To Watch On Amazon Prime That’s New This Week

You're missing out on this new Amazon show.
11/17/2018 10:00am ET

Streamline recommends “Patriot” for Amazon Prime this week. Amazon added the second season of this Original on Nov. 9.

(I’m re-running this suggestion again because I think “Patriot” has gotten lost amid the “Homecoming” rollout. “Patriot” has quietly earned one of the best critical consensuses of 2018 and yet nobody seems to watch it. Also, Amazon doesn’t really add anything good this week. I debated for a long time whether I should recommend Amazon’s addition of “Gotti” ― a strong candidate for the worst movie of the year ― but ultimately decided against that.)

Premise: An intelligence officer has to keep trying to save the world. Sort of. He has become disillusioned with his job and keeps finding out that when he solves one problem, more problems seem to pop up. And so he stumbles through his missions with a nihilistic attitude.

How excited should you be? This definitely doesn’t come anywhere close to the hype level surrounding “Homecoming” just last week, but you should still consider checking out “Patriot.” It has a bit of a “Killing Eve” vibe as the show combines dark violence with tons of jokes.

Any reasons to be skeptical? I don’t think this achieves “must watch” status. With so many A+ shows out there this year, this ultimately feels forgettable. Still, it has a quirky sensibility that I imagine some viewers will really fall in love with, so it’s worth giving it a shot to see if that’s you.

Will everyone be talking about this? Almost definitely not.

Check out the trailer for the first season of “Patriot” below.

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Stephanie Branchu/Amazon Prime
"Patriot" on Amazon Prime.

Here’s the trailer:

What Else Is New This Week

As mentioned, Amazon added “Gotti” this week. That biopic stars John Travolta and earned a zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Makes you kind of curious right?

The full Amazon Prime list for the rest of the week:

Nov. 10

  • “The Children Act” (2017)

Nov. 15

  • “Thursday Night Football: Green Bay Packers Vs. Seattle Seahawks”
  • “Gotti” (2018)

Nov. 16

  • “Gymkhana Files” (Prime Original Series), Season 1
  • “Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny” (Prime Original Series), Season 1a
  • “Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams” (Prime Exclusive) (2018)