Amazon Will Pay You $1 To Choose Slow Shipping

Amazon Will Pay You $1 To Choose Slow Shipping

One of the best things about being an Amazon Prime member is getting free, two-day shipping.

Prime members with a little patience, however, are now getting an extra benefit: $1.

Starting Wednesday, prime members who choose "No-Rush" shipping on any order will get a $1 credit for Amazon's Instant Video service.

The Instant Video service offers new releases like "Snowpiercer." It's different from Prime Instant video, which offers some free video to Prime members.

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You can watch the videos on your computer, phone, tablet or via a streaming video device like a Roku. Your "No-Rush" order will arrive in 5-7 business days.

Amazon raised the price of Prime by 25 percent -- to $99 from $79 -- earlier this year, citing increased fuel and shipping costs.

The promotion is a brilliant way for Amazon to get people more comfortable with downloading movies and TV shows from its service, or, put another way, get more people into Amazon's "content ecosystem." If you've spent a few months getting discounts on downloads, and built up an Amazon library of movies and shows, then you may be more likely to go back to Amazon for full price purchases -- instead of, say, iTunes, which has similar stuff.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Timothy Stenovec contributed reporting.

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