26 Swimsuits You Can Get From Amazon That People Actually Swear By

The best season is the one where we ditch our sweaters for swimsuits.

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  • A strappy high-waisted bikini to make people think you walked right off the runway at a swimwear fashion show and right into the pool.

  • A high-cut/scoop neck bikini set you’re gonna adore so much, you may move somewhere it’s summer year-round just so you never have to part ways with this gem.

  • A one-piece so cute even those who typically prefer two-piece suits may wanna add it to their lineup.

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A one-shoulder cutout number absolutely no one will believe you bought from Amazon
It's available in 38 styles and sizes S–XL.

Promising review:
"I am so happy I bought this! It’s perfect! The quality is great and the colors are as expected. I did take the pads out and put bigger ones in from another suit, and the top fit great. So happy! Get it! You won’t regret it!" — Amazon customer
A vintage-style swimdress you'll want to add to your cart immediately
It's available in 22 styles and sizes S–6XL.

Promising review:
"Love this suit!!! I am apple shaped so it can be hard buying swimsuits. This one accentuates your waist!!! It is so cute and fun. I will be getting another color. Would definitely recommend!!!!" — Alane May

A crocheted beauty to add some sweet but fire lace to your summer look
It's available in 11 colors and sizes 2–16.

Promising review:
"I absolutely love this bathing suit. The quality far exceeded my expectations and the size is spot-on. I love that it comes with two sets of straps: a thin version, and a thicker version. You can also wear it strapless. The boning in it feels amazing and the crochet is beautiful." — Beccaboo23
A tankini that looks more like an adorable sundress than a bathing suit and comes in the cutest array of prints
It' s available in 20 styles and sizes XL–5XL.

Promising review:
"OK excuse me, but no one told me this suit would be this damn cute!! I love every thing about it! Being plus-sized, I discovered it's hard finding a bathing suit (or anything for that matter) that is cute and won't break the bank. This suit definitely delivers. I will be buying more in different prints. 10/10. What are you waiting for? BUY THE SUIT!" — Audra Bradley
A vintage-style suit to make you panic a little, because how in the world are you gonna choose just ONE pattern to buy?!
It's available in 21 styles and sizes S–3XL.

Promising review:
"This was my first attempt at buying a swimsuit online without trying it, and I was super nervous, but I LOVE this suit. Finding swimsuits is always a hassle with my bust size, but this keeps the girls covered. It's perfect, no cutting into my skin anywhere. I was so excited to find out that it has a lining, so it's a double layer. Definitely recommend!" — ldkeim
A tankini that'll look like a bikini inside of a tank, which is all very "Inception," but we dig it, and you will, too
It's available in 40 styles and sizes S–3XL.

Promising review:
"I really, really like this suit. I was worried that the top wouldn’t be long enough to cover my stomach, but it’s perfect. It also is trendy and cute, and I love the colors. Two thumbs up from me! It made bathing suit shopping actually enjoyable." — Kristen D
A strappy high-waisted bikini to make people think you walked right off the runway
It's available in four styles and sizes M–3XL.

Promising review:
"Absolutely wonderful!! I'm heavy-chested so I didn't expect it to fit up top, but everywhere else is great! It's very stretchy and the material is exactly what you'd expect from a bathing suit. Very sexy, fits well, and good quality for the price!!" — Ruth Patterson
A tie-knot suit that you'll love so much, you might start ditching your normal clothes in favor of wearing a bathing suit 24/7
It's available in 18 styles and sizes S–XL.

Promising review:
"I love the fit. Nothing I would change. Cheeky, but not too cheeky, which I was a bit worried about. Fits perfectly around my waist. It's even adjustable with the tie in the front. The color is also just perfect!" — Keilah
A high-waisted ruched bikini to get in each color because it's not just what you want, it's what you truly need
It's available in two colors and sizes S–4XL.

Promising review:
"Perfect!!! I was tired of wearing one-pieces and monokinis. I LOVE this suit and I feel so sexy in it! The bottom is amazing, the seams do pop when you pull it up, but it isn't tight at all and goes up nice and high. Best of all, I can wear the bottoms with any bikini top! LOVE!!" — Njr0731
A peplum top and high-waisted bottom tankini set that'll make you want to spend every single second of the summer soaking up sun rays
It's available in 13 styles and sizes L–4XL.

Promising review:
"I’m so happy I decided to try this bathing suit. I’m plus sized and it’s hard to find a bathing suit I feel comfortable in. This is so cute! It accentuates the waist and the bottoms go up high enough to make me feel secure. Love it!" — Courtney R
A bikini you may wanna buy for the crisscross V-neck flounce top alone
It's available in 23 styles and sizes 10–24.

Promising review:
"This is the first bathing suit that I have bought in years that makes me feel confident enough to wear around in public and not just my family. I love it! I bought the leopard one and I'm IN LOVE! I will be buying in EVERY style!" —Deonna Mahana
A lace halter monokini to make all of your other bathing suits extremely jealous
It's available in three styles and sizes S–XL.

Promising review:
"Truthfully, I didn't expect this swimsuit to be nice or work for me. I ordered it because I thought it was cute and it was cheap. I figured it would probably run really small and not fit well, and I thought the fabric would be cheap. I was very wrong! It seems to be of great quality and it fit nicely! I'm 5'9" and thought this would be too short in the torso because of some other reviews that I read, but it fits just fine! I haven't actually been able to wear this in a pool or the ocean yet, but I will next week. It did fit nicely when I tried it on. I'm glad I took a chance on this and ordered. You can't beat the price!" — Kenzie
A high-waisted bikini with a ruffled smock top that will easily become the most adorable swimsuit you've ever owned
It's available in 19 styles and sizes XS–XXL.

Promising review:
"I was a little skeptical about ordering this swimsuit because I have a pretty large chest and was worried about looking droopy in this top. I am so surprised how well this fit and it is my new favorite swimsuit. It’s got a very wide band and good back coverage. Absolutely love it! The bottoms are great too, double layer, fairly cheeky, and hit me in just the right places!" — Amanda
A swimdress tankini so you can spend the summer months flexing on everyone with your incredible sense of style
It's available in 16 styles and sizes XL–3XL.

Promising review: "I love this bathing suit. I'm a pool attendant and this is so comfortable to suit in and swim in. Its a two-piece (shorts and a dress over it), which I didn't expect but love. If you have a large chest, this offers lots of support. But if you don't and want to avoid tan lines, the straps are removable and the suit is able to stay up just fine without them. It dries quickly and doesn't stretch out. I recommend this so much. It's a great price and it's great quality." — victoria corbine
A one-piece with mesh cutouts that'll provide comfortable coverage, yet still make you feel sexy
It's available in 20 styles and sizes L–XXL and 20–24.

Promising review:
"As a busty gal, I find it's super hard to find bathing suits that fit. Finding one off the internet seems like a joke, but someone I follow on Instagram had this suit and since we are around the same size and she loved it, I figured I'd give it a shot. I can always return it, right!? It's pretty true-to-size. I received SO MANY compliments on it, too. I loved it so much, I actually bought it again in another color!" — Lani
A high-cut/scoop neck bikini set you're gonna adore so much, you may move somewhere it's summer year-round
It's available in 19 styles and sizes S–2XL.

Promising review:
"This is probably my favorite swimsuit I've ever bought. I feel so confident and comfortable in it. I don't feel like I'm going to flash anyone or that anything hangs out. It is so comfortable. I will say one thing though: I am a small nearly everywhere I have shopped, so I originally bought a small. I ended up exchanging it for the medium because it was way too small when I tried it on. It was squeezing me like a sausage casing. Once I got the medium, I loved it and it fit perfectly, however, it does stretch with wear, which just made it comfier." — LaurLovesLace
A strappy two-piece that'll have you wondering why you didn't buy it sooner
It's available in 13 styles and sizes XL–4XL.

Promising review:
"I was so skeptical but I'm glad I ordered. I was scared it wouldn’t fit or the material would be cheap and tear easily. I was wrong. The fit is perfect and the material is thick and stretchy. I received so many compliments. Shipment was quick also! Definitely a good buy. I’m actually looking to buy more colors." — Sancia Ellis
A striped one-piece to add to your collection immediately, because it's just a great number to have in your rotation
It's available in four styles and sizes XS–XXL.

Promising review:
"Such a cute suit, but I especially love how it accentuates my curves. I’ve gotten a million compliments on this suit already. Also would highly recommend this suit to nursing mommas because it’s so easy to pull the top part off when feeding the baby." — Shelly S.
A high-waisted halter bikini that'll give you the coverage of a one-piece, with all the benefits of a two-piece
It's available in 23 styles and sizes S–4XL.

Promising review:
"This suit is great. I was worried about the sizing, but took measurements and read a bunch of reviews, and it ended up being just right. First swimsuit I have actually liked in a long time." — Rachel S.
A one-piece so cute even those who typically prefer two-piece suits may wanna add it to their lineup
It's available in 19 styles and sizes XS–XXL.

Promising review:
"This was my first time ordering a bathing suit online so I was skeptical but after seeing all the great reviews and pictures, I just had to give it a try! I’m so glad I did, I love this bathing suit! Material and everything is great quality! I’ll definitely be ordering more Cupshe bathing suits!" — Staci
A stripe top tankini with swim shorts that may just become the most comfy bathing suit you'll ever own
It's available in four colors and sizes L–4XL.

Promising review:
Comfortable, fits well, and is well-made. I liked it so much, I bought a second one. I swim laps five days a week and wanted to have a backup or an alternate suite. I recommend this." — Darlene
A one-piece you're gonna want to strut your way through the sand wearing
It's available in 25 styles and sizes L–XXL and 16–24.

Promising review:
"I haven't worn a bathing suit in years. I just didn't feel comfortable. Forced to buy a suit, not looking to spend big bucks, I stumbled across this. Unbelievable! It fits perfectly AND it's so comfy. I've never wanted to be in a bathing suit, but now I can't wait to wear it again! Warning! Don't forget sunscreen on your belly! I have a cool design tanned across my front!" — Katie H
A one-piece that'll be the perfect option to wear on beach days
It's available in 40 styles and sizes S–XXL and 18–22.

Promising review:
"I am so freaking happy I bought this suit! It's so cute and well-made. I've never bought a bathing suit without trying it on first, but after having a baby I refused to torture myself by going to a store to try some on. This suit hugs my curves in all the right places. I'm still nursing and the chest area covers my bits with fabric to spare so I don't have to worry my breasts will fall out. I am so excited about wearing this suit! I will be buying more for sure. Color is exactly the same as pics. Price is unbeatable." — Stephanie
A bandeau bikini for a reliable strapless option
Some reviewers mentioned the bottoms felt a little too revealing to wear in public, but you can always wear the bottoms in a private setting and pair the top with bottoms you feel more comfortable in while out and about! It's available in 19 styles and sizes L–3XL.

Promising review:
"OMG, I’m in love with this bathing suit. It fits true-to-size and holds up well. I don’t have to constantly pull it up or touch it. It is worth the money. It came really quick." — Celeste
A one-piece to trick people into thinking you're wearing something your personal stylist made for you by hand
It's available in sizes L–4XL.

Promising review:
"This swimsuit is absolutely amazing! Being plus size with a larger chest makes it hard to find a good swimsuit that fits correctly and makes you feel sexy! This one does just that. I’m telling you right now — buy it, you will not regret it!" — Arielle Hensley
A retro-style cutie that'll have you bringing out your inner '80s-'90s baby, even if you weren't born in those decades
It's available in 37 styles and sizes S–XXL.

Promising review:
"It's perfect! I kept reading rave reviews and was scared to take the jump because most one-piece suits don't fit me the same since I have a M/L top and a full XL bottom. The contrast makes it difficult to find anything that connects top to bottom (jumpsuits, overalls, swim suits etc.). But I'm pleasantly surprised! I love it and it's my husbands new favorite suit. It is super cheeky, borderline thong, and for girls with bottoms — you may need to adjust often! But overall, this was well worth the price." — Anny Ro
A one-shoulder bikini with cute scalloped edges

24 Swimsuits That Are Actually Comfortable

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