The Best Customer Service Reps Are The Ones Who Pretend To Be Thor

The Best Customer Service Reps Are The Ones Who Pretend To Be Thor

Talk about good customer service.

This chat between an Amazon customer service representative and a customer whose book hasn't arrived on time has restored our faith in the power of the Norse gods.

It all starts when the Amazon rep introduces himself as "Thor," and a customer asks to play his father, Odin. The conversation just gets better from there.

A snapshot of the chat appeared on Reddit on Tuesday, and though we can't confirm its authenticity, it's hilarious nevertheless.

After the two sort out the book delivery issue, they resort back to modern-day speak. In response to Odin's gratefulness, the Amazon Thor responds: "Anytime, bro."

View the chat, below, or check out the image on Imgur here:

Me: Tracking shows delivered but shipment not received

Amazon: Warmest greetings [...] my name is Thor.

Me: Greetings, Thor. Can I be Odin?

Amazon: Odin, Father, How art thy doing on this here fine day?

Me: Thor, my son. Agony raises upon my life.

Amazon: This is outrageous! Who dares defy The All Father Odin! What has occurred to cause this agony?

Me: I'm afraid the book I ordered to defeat our enemies has been misplaced. How can we keep Valhalla intact without our sacred book?

Amazon: This is blasphemy! Wherever this book has been taken to, I shall make it my duty to get it back to you! I fear it is Loki but I dare not blame him for such things. I shall have your fortune returned to you and thereafter we can create a new quest in order to get the book back to you.

Me: Very well my son.

Amazon: Allow me some time to round up my allies and complete this my father.

Me: Do it for me Thor, but most importantly do it for the mortals whose destiny (and grades) rely on this book.

Amazon: Alas, the treasure has been returned to you. You now need to reinstate your book into your archive so that you may yet receive it soon. I shall have the Valkyrie deliver it to you as fast as their wings can move.

Me: Ok so roleplay aside I have my money back and reorder the book?

Amazon: haha yes I have refunded you and you need to reorder the book.

Me: Great!

Amazon: Have you placed the order

Me: Let me do that

Amazon: Okay let me edit it for you [...] that good?

Me: Wow hooking me up for one day delivery? Sweet!

Amazon: Haha yea man gotta get your book asap!

Me: I've heard Amazon has great customer service and this just proves it! thanks man

Amazon: No problem, is there any other issue or question that I can help you with?

Me: Nah that was it. Really appreciate it

Amazon: Anytime bro. Have a great day. Goodbye Odin

Me: Bye my son.

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