Amazon, Twitter and Instagram Will Click4Life to Fight AIDS, Will You?

The landscape of the Internet has been given an overhaul.

Last year, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) signed off on a program that would change the way we use the Internet forever. Quite simply, this new program has allowed companies and organizations to own and operate their own piece of the Internet, just like .com does.

This week marked the global launch of the .hiv top level domain (TLD) which is the very first social cause domain committed to raising awareness and funds for the global fight against HIV and AIDS.

Unlike any other TLD the world has ever seen, .hiv puts the power in the user's hands and utilizes a unique micro-donation program to fund HIV and AIDS projects around the world.

It's easy. You utilize the same content you have on your current homepage on When visiting the .hiv domain the user is shown that their click on that site has released funds to support the global fight against HIV and then they are redirected to your usual site.

Every click counts!

In just over 24 hours since launch, dotHIV, my Berlin-based organization responsible for the .hiv TLD, has reported some high profile registrations from companies like Amazon, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Instagram, Twitter, BMW and Chanel.

So what does this mean? In the age where corporations are looking to "target markets" (not that there's anything wrong with that, if done well and respectfully), this is a chance for customers and people who care to have a voice and companies and non-profits simply give them a vehicle for change.

Imagine if a company with an online community of 300M+ users like LinkedIn activated its users to support this movement and let them know that they could access their very same networking platform on a daily basis at but that their click generates funds that go to such an amazing cause?

Why wouldn't you? It costs nothing to the company or to the user but the dotHIV charity donates the money raised through .hiv domain sales to worthy global HIV projects. If you could shop on just the same way you do on but while doing your shopping you are also doing good, would you do it? You can access the main .hiv site at for more information and you can also see some major supporters who are also live now at:

Over the coming months you will start to see .hiv permeating your daily internet browsing space. When you have the chance to visit -- will you click 4 life?