Amazon Web Services Outage Affects Big Sites Today

For the first time in quite some time Amazon experienced an outage that affected hundreds of some of the biggest sites on the net. Amazon reported that it was affecting one region of its S3 web services and was causing “high error rates” however as time goes on its clear that it is affecting its entire network and the sites which depend on it.

Sites like Mashable, Trello, Quora are all experiencing outages as a result. Even the app stores are down as a result.

Amazon’s own tool used to monitor network uptime was affected because it relies on S3 for data. The company posted about that in this tweet.

As of the time of this writing Amazon is still working on a fix, but there has been no announced estimate of how long it will take to be running and fully operational across their immense network.

Amazon says it is “actively working on remediating the issue”

While some of its other employees are trying to sell the value of the platform

In the end, there really has not been a major outage like this over at Amazon as far back as I can remember and I would think it would give web masters and business owners pause when depending on a third party service to the point that if it goes down, so does theirs.

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