Amber Heard's Met Gala Headband Was $32 And Made Of Zip Ties

"Amazing," said the Seattle shop owner who sold the headpiece to Heard's stylist.

Amber Heard’s headband at the Met Gala was not only gorgeous, but totally affordable: It cost $32 and was made of hand-painted plastic zip ties.

Twitter user Sarah McGonagall was one of the first to notice the homemade components on Heard’s halo headband:

Monday night’s annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York celebrated the latest exhibition, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” So, Heard’s halo was wholly on point.

McGonagall’s tweet noting the halo’s thrifty design ultimately went viral, and the headpiece designer responded:

The creator, Megan Bishop, runs a Seattle shop called Apatico. Bishop told Insider she was contacted by stylist Emily Dawn Long, who purchased the piece for Heard’s Met Gala ensemble.

Bishop told the publication that she “did confirm” with Long that the headpiece was used for Heard’s look “last minute.” She also said she found “this entire thing amazing.”

“I’ve been making these crowns for so many years and people are excited that they have the same crown as Amber Heard. I love it.”

Ray Tamarra via Getty Images
Ray Tamarra via Getty Images

The description for the headpiece on Apatico’s website says it was “inspired by classic images of the Virgin Mary in Catholic art and imagery and Dia De Los Muertos, angels, saints.” It’s aptly called “the Mary Crown.” The site notes that the “crown is made of plastic zip ties (cable ties). It is not made of metal. Please be aware of this before purchasing.”

Heard’s representatives did not immediately answer HuffPost’s request for a comment.

All that glitters is not gold. And sometimes, it’s plastic.

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