Amber Heard Smolders In Vanity Fair, Confirms She's A Spitfire

Amber Heard may be a red carpet stunner, but behind that visage, she's a tomboy at heart.

The 27-year-old actress stuns in the March issue of Vanity Fair and opens up about her life before fame, admitting she'd rather play a badass assassin than a blushing bride in a movie.

“Anytime I can shoot the gun instead of throw the bouquet, it is exciting for me,” the "3 Days To Kill" star tells Vanity Fair, adding, “My dad is your typical old-school Texan. He loves to hunt. Six days out of the week, we ate what he killed. He took me to the shooting range from the time I could hold a gun, and I did target practice almost my whole life.”

Now, Heard, who is engaged to A-list actor Johnny Depp, resides in Hollywood despite the fact that, deep down, she's a Texas girl -- although, you wouldn't be able to tell from the below photo.

amber heard

For more with Amber, pick up the new issue of Vanity Fair, on sale now.



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