Amber Portwood To Leave MTV's 'Teen Mom,' Feels Exploited: 'I Want To Quit, And I Will'

Is troubled "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood ready to leave the MTV hit series behind? According to her hometown newspaper, The Herald Bulletin, Portwood wants to quit the docudrama for good.

During her Indiana court hearing on Thursday, Portwood confessed to the judge that she felt exploited by the MTV cameras, stating, "I want to quit, and I will."

MTV has not yet commented on Portwood's future with "Teen Mom," but the 21-year-old mother's attorney, Evan Broderick, said that she wants to live a normal life, one without reality cameras following her every move.

However, that "normal life" Portwood is hoping for will have to wait since a Madison County judge ordered her to remain jailed at least until her Jan. 27 hearing. She was arrested Monday for violating her probation. According to reports, she failed to submit to drug tests, did not complete her GED or required anger management classes, failed to deposit $10,000 into an education fund for her daughter and also failed to pay $56 in probation fees.

Upon receiving the judge's ruling that she'd been charged with Class D felony possession of a controlled substance, the local paper reports that the "Teen Mom" dropped her head into her hands and rubbed her eyes.

This isn't Portword's first run in with the law.

In June, Portwood was sentenced to two years in jail after pleading guilty to two counts of felony domestic battery against Gary Shirley, the father of her now three-year-old daughter, Leah. However, Portwood's sentence was suspended and she was put on two years probation.

In 2010, the "Teen Mom" was shown slapping Shirley on the MTV reality show.