Amber Rose Owns Her Sexuality With Hilarious ‘Walk Of No Shame'

“No shame here.”

Amber Rose wants you to know there's no shame in doing a "walk of shame."

In a new Funny Or Die video called "Walk Of No Shame," the model and actress shows no sign of embarrassment as she leaves a guy's house the morning after a one-night stand. The parody is a promotion for Rose's upcoming Slut Walk in Los Angeles to protest against sexual violence and slut-shaming.

In the video, Rose walks home in a little black dress and stilettos with her head held high. Strangers shout words of encouragement and admiration at her as she walks by.

“Say, it looks to me like you had sex last night!” the mailman said to her with a cheerful smile.

“I respect that you enjoyed yourself last night," a construction worker said to her from across the street. "I think we can all agree -- having sex is fun." Preach.

The best part, however, may be the surprise appearance of "Orange Is The New Black's" Matt McGorry at the end when he reveals himself as the guy Rose slept with.

Amber + Matt = <3

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