Amber Rose Buttons Up For New StyleCaster Photo Shoot (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Amber Rose's Startling New Look

Wow! Is that really Amber Rose?

The same model who poses nude and cavorted around town in skimpy outfits with Kanye West is doing a style 180 in a new photo shoot.

In a shoot for StyleCaster that was photographed by Blossom Berkofsky, Amber buttons up in some surprisingly conservative gear. A turtleneck? A long skirt? A crisp button-up blouse? She's also posing with houseplants and gauzy curtains instead of rappers.

Actually, we're loving the softer side of Amber. Let's just say it's a far cry from THIS photo shoot.

And in keeping with her romantic new look, Rose says that her dreams for the future include settling down, as she told StyleCaster's Summer Krecke:

"Acting, making music, getting married, being with [boyfriend] Wiz [Khalifa] on a tour bus with a bunch of babies," she tells me beaming. "I even want to write a romance novel. There's nothing I'm not afraid to try."

Check out some of the pics below, and read the full interview at StyleCaster.

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