Amber Rose Responded To Kanye's Diss And She Didn't Hold Back At All

She went there.

Amber Rose hit back hard after Kanye West dragged her into his epic Twitter feud with Wiz Khalifa.

Quick reminder: West and Rose dated for two years and it would be an understatement to say they are no longer on good terms. Much of this goes back to Rose calling West's now-wife Kim Kardashian a "homewrecker" in 2012, claiming the reality star was the reason for her split with the rapper.  

While the two have traded barbs over the years, West's insults tend to focus on his ex's sexual history. Though his tweets could be considered a modern form of theater, he fell back on ugly habits and tried to insult Khalifa (from whom Rose filed for divorce after just over a year of marriage in 2014) by referring to their mutual ex as a "stripper" and insinuating she's a gold digger because the two have a son together.

Not one to stand down when she's been insulted, Rose didn't hold back when she clapped back: 

Okay, so Rose's response definitely has a homophobic twinge to it -- which is equally as icky as West's slut-shaming tactics -- but we have to say the entire exchange is still one of the most entertaining things to happen in a long time. 

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