'Late Night' Writer: Donald Trump Actually Loves 'Black Lives Matter' Painted At Trump Tower

Amber Ruffin explained the hilarious reason why on "Jokes Seth Can't Tell."

It seems a week of “Black Lives Matterpainted on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower has softened President Donald Trump. After calling the street mural a “symbol of hate,” Trump actually approves of it now, “Late Night” writer Amber Ruffin cracked on the show Tuesday.

In a segment of “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell,” in which Meyers gives the setup to jokes he might avoid as a straight white male, the host spotlighted the “BLM” painting.

“And because it was in the middle of Fifth Avenue, Trump shot it,” Ruffin said, referring to a claim Trump once made about being able to gun down someone on the famous thoroughfare and still not lose voters.

Meyers then asked Ruffin if Trump was upset by the new street art.

“No, he doesn’t know how to read,” Ruffin replied. “He thinks it says Blake Lively Matters. And he loves it!”