Amber Ruffin Sums Up Grammys In A Minute And You'll Enjoy Every Second

The comedian cut to the quick in a "Late Night" segment hurried along by Seth Meyers.

If you were not among the record-low 8.8 million people watching the Grammys on Sunday, fear not.

“Late Night” writer Amber Ruffin recapped the music awards show in one minute on Monday. (Watch the clip below.)

The comedian, who also has her own show on Peacock, raced the clock as host Seth Meyers hurried her along.

Find out who was adorable, which song Ruffin’s been singing, and the Grammys question that torments her. 

“Why do I always want to wear what Harry Styles wears? Am I OK?”

OK, we gave you that one, but you’ve got 54 more seconds to watch.