'Late Night' Writer Shreds Surgeon General For 'Racist Talking Points'

Amber Ruffin blasted Jerome Adams for telling people of color to "step it up."

“Late Night with Seth Meyers” writer Amber Ruffin went ballistic Tuesday on Surgeon General Jerome Adams for telling people of color to “step it up” against coronavirus. (Watch the video above.)

Addressing the disproportionate amount of deaths among Black and Hispanic people in the pandemic during a task force briefing, Adams called on minorities to take preventive measures for their “abuela,” “big mama” and “pop-pop” in a plea deemed “condescending.”

Ruffin took serious issue with the doctor’s cry for battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Both the comedian and Adams are Black.

“You friggin’ idiot,” she said in a “Minute of Fury” segment. “You are parroting classic right-wing talking points. If Billboard had a chart of racist talking points, ‘minorities just don’t take care of themselves’ would be No. 2, right after ‘never talk about the real root of the problem ― systemic racism.’”

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