'Late Night' Writer Amber Ruffin Hails Alabama's Black Women For Saving America

"You're welcome!"

“Late Night” writer Amber Ruffin broke down the heroic role that black women played in Republican Roy Moore’s stunning defeat in Alabama’s special election for the Senate this week.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Ruffin said that while “all of America was on the edge of their seats waiting to see if an accused pedophile (Moore) would get into the United State Senate, 98 percent of black women in Alabama” voted for his Democratic rival, Doug Jones.

“As a black woman, I just have two things I want to say about last night’s election,” said Ruffin. “You’re welcome!”

Ruffin said it was “cool” that people were thanking black women on Twitter for helping Jones, but:

“When you’re done thanking us, why don’t you try voting for us and putting a few of us in office so we can run this shit!”

Check out the full segment above.

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