Amber Ruffin Announces The True Winner Of The Oscars In Grand Style

The "Late Night" writer riffed on the Academy Awards, but it was all a setup for her dramatic finale.

“Late Night” writer Amber Ruffin did what Oscar-winning movies often do ― provide a satisfying ending. (Watch the segment above.)

The comedian on Monday had just one minute to sum up this year’s ceremony, and she did her breathless best. She chuckled over Daniel Kaluuya’s joke about his parents having sex. And like many of us, she was perplexed by the abrupt ending in which Anthony Hopkins beat out the late Chadwick Boseman for Best Actor.

“It ended all of a sudden, just like ‘The Sopranos,’” she cracked.

As the clock ticked down, host Seth Meyers got impatient and implored her to reveal the big winner.

“That I can do,” Ruffin said as she unzipped her jacket to reveal a fancy pink gown she was wearing underneath. “The big Oscar winner from last night — well, ladies and gentlemen, that was none other than fashion.”

Ruffin then modeled her couture as if she were in her very own runway show.

“I have places to prance,” she declared.

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