Amber Ruffin Rips Trump, Acts Out Racism And Roller-Skates In Epic Bit

The "Late Night" writer hilariously recapped the news in "Amber Says What" and showed off wheel impressive moves.

Amber Ruffin was on a roll.

The “Late Night” writer was her usual funny self in riffing on the news during an “Amber Says What” segment Tuesday. But she went next-level when she showed off her roller-skating skills.

Plenty happened along the way ― she got suspicious about President Donald Trump’s promise of a vaccine sooner than expected: “I wouldn’t trust Trump to give me a cookie, let alone a needle of something.”

She imagined a racist conversation between women’s rights pioneers and expressed “what?” outrage at a seemingly white depiction of the superhero Storm in an “X-Men” video game.

“This is the master of the elements?” Ruffin asked. “More like master of the plantation.”

“How is she gonna save us from supervillains?” the writer continued. “By calling the cops on them when they barbecue in the park?”

She also plugged her new show on the Peacock streaming channel.

This happened, too. Don’t ask. Just watch the whole thing above.