Amber Ruffin Throws Down Gauntlet To ‘Dumb F**ks’ Behind Texas Abortion Law

The "Late Night With Seth Meyers" writer delivered the most sarcastic of responses to the extreme legislation.

Amber Ruffin devoted her “Minute of Fury” segment on Tuesday’s episode of “Late Night With Seth Meyers” to slamming the politicians behind Texas’ extreme new abortion law.

The comedian sarcastically argued why they should take control of her whole body ― and not “just the uterus” ― to “make it all your problem.”

“Tell four-margaritas-in Amber that she can’t have a fifth — try and reason with her, I dare you,” she cracked.

“If I have the poops, it’s on you,” Ruffin added at another point.

“All I’m saying, if you’re in charge of one region of my body, what sense does that make?” she asked. “Just the uterus? At least take the whole bottom half. I want a federally funded pedicure. You can even pick the color, I can never decide anyway.”

“So just make ’em so I can wear sandals without feeling sad. Can you do that? Of course you can’t, you dumb fucks,” Ruffin concluded. “So don’t take charge of the biggest decision I’ll ever make in my whole damn life when you can’t even get me a goddamn pedicure.”

Check out the video here:

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