Amber Tamblyn Pens Must-Read Op-Ed About Trump's 'One Man Misogyny Olympics'

Not the one. 
Not the one. 

On “Joan of Arcadia,” Amber Tamblyn spoke to God about the issues plaguing her teenage existence. Now, she’s writing for Glamour magazine about something that affects us all. 

A week after Tamblyn shared a deeply personal story about her own sexual assault sparked by Donald Trump’s explicit 2005 hot-mic recording, she has penned a powerful condemnation of the Republican presidential nominee’s unrelenting misogyny. 

Tamblyn was particularly disturbed by Trump’s performance at the second presidential debate, which she rightfully dubbed the “One Man Misogyny Olympics.”

Sunday night, I sat in my living room with a small group of friends expecting to watch the Presidential Debates, but instead we found ourselves tuned in to the One Man Misogyny Olympics. Donald Trump, winner of the Cave Man Cognition medal, the Menacing Lady Lurker medal and the Demigod of Demagoguery medal, is merely the latest spittle dripping from the larger carafe of backwash that has fed and kept the sport alive for as long as human beings have existed. What was supposed to be an evening of conversation about ideas and solutions for the country between Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton turned into an emotional beating before it had even begun.

As Trump’s revolting rhetoric and desperate political tactics (see Bill Clinton’s rape accusers press conference) have somehow resonated with voters across the country, Tamblyn says she’s wrestled with defining misogyny in tangible ways no one can deny. 

In 2015, she made an admirable attempt at locating sexism in the entertainment industry in a poem titled “Untitled Actress,” performed at an Art Share LA poetry event. But in the op-ed, Tamblyn tries to capture the ways in which all women experience misogyny ― a “10 in 10 chance” she writes ― no matter their level of fame. 

“Misogyny is deep and mercurial. It thrives in our country on a cellular level, right in front of our faces,” she writes. “It exists like goose bumps exist, like premonitions are felt, like earthquakes are predicted. And for those that don’t believe me, for those that can’t see it — and certainly can’t see it in Donald Trump, the man running for President of the United States — look at the woman you’re with. Or the one you raised. Or the one that raised you. Or the one you work alongside. Get your heart’s glasses a new prescription and take a long, hard look.”

To read Tamblyn’s full op-ed, head over to Glamour

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.



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