'Ambiguously Gay Duo' Returns To 'SNL' As Jon Hamm & Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

When Robert Smigel's "Ambiguously Gay Duo" (voiced by Stephen Colbert & Steve Carell) returned to "SNL" on Saturday, it looked as though fans would be treated simply to a new episode featuring the beloved "TV Funhouse" characters. But something infinitely more cool, and sort of disturbing (but in a good way) was in store.

When the villains fire a "flesh ray" at Ace & Gary, they are suddenly transformed into live action versions of themselves, embodied by Jon Hamm & Jimmy Fallon. Colbert and Carrell also turn up as the villains are transmogrified into the real world shortly thereafter.

Watching Fallon and Hamm act out the daring "feats" of the duo is something to behold; we wonder how many takes it took to get some of these shots.