Ambition, Gratitude And Taste Of Enough


I can describe the taste of enough. It's like a cloud -- beautiful and airy, it feels fresh and comfortable. This taste is fulfilling and relaxing.

Some will never know the taste of enough. They'll set the bar of enough high and as soon as they're close to reaching it, they'll move it up. Instead of tasting the enough, they'll experience thirst for more.

Often, the bar gets raised when we compare ourselves to others. We choose these others carefully by ignoring those whose bar is lower than ours and paying attention to those with better, bigger and nicer.

Our dreams become reality and we don't acknowledge they used to be dreams. The feeling of satisfaction and gratitude is unknown to us. We chase for more and call it ambition. We create the new norms -- busy is the only acceptable answer after we've been asked how we are. "Busy, really busy, but good busy" -- we say. Being "good busy" has become the status symbol, the way to relate and connect, the way to get the understanding "I hear you." Just like you can't be talking about your thriving business during the recession, you can't be talking about picking up new hobbies when everyone is good busy.

No-one wants to stop to grasp for air. We stop exercising trying to save time. We want to eat fast, sleep less and do more squeezing in more stuff into our days. We also squeeze in more into our homes. We stuff shopping bags with things that we feel we need then forget to unpack. We leave the tags on, don't return the not needed, increasing the piles that clutter our lives.

Switch on the mindfulness. Taste the enough appreciating the beauty of simple, be grateful for things that surround you. You see these things everyday but now notice them with your new eyes, your mindful eyes of enough. Release the pressure of ambition and welcome the beauty of gratitude.