Amelia Perry, Rick Perry's Mother: 'I Don't Think He's Perfect'

Rick Perry's parents opened up about their son in a rare interview with the Dallas Morning News.

"I don’t think he’s perfect and I don’t always agree with him," said Amelia Perry, his mother. "But he’s smarter than I am and he wants what’s best for America."

“We certainly don’t need another Obama," his father added.

The Perrys typically forgo interviews with the press, but they broke their silence to dump heaping amounts of praise on the Texas Governor.

The GOP candidate could definitely use the support. A recent Qunnipiac poll showed that nearly 40% of respondents believed Rick Perry was the worst choice of the 2012 presidential candidates.

Even in Perry's home state, he fails to impress. The Texas Tribute reported that several prominent local business executives and Republican leaders have chosen to support to other GOP candidates.

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