Amendment One Passes: North Carolina State University Student Launches Petition For Repeal

North Carolina Student Launches Viral Campaign To Repeal Amendment One

A North Carolina student has launched an online campaign in an effort to repeal Amendment One, which defines marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman, and will now act in addition to the state's statutory prohibition against recognition of same-sex marriage.

At present, over 73,000 people have joined the rapidly-growing campaign created by North Carolina State University student Jennifer Halweil. Approximately 12,000 joined in the campaign's first two hours alone.

"Although I am not gay myself, I believe this amendment has disastrous implications for more than just gay couples, but for families and children of all walks of life in North Carolina," Halweil is quoted as saying in an email statement. "This law is bad for our families, our economy and our state."

She continued, "I truly believe that technology can help foster greater equality than has ever been achieved before in history. Where others see failure, I see hope and an opportunity to learn and grow. My hope is that the outcry to repeal Amendment One will be the first stepping stone on the path to a new era in my state, and in the U.S. as a whole."

Many have been sounding off on their disappointment on the amendment's passage in the comments section. "I am ashamed to be a woman, teacher. and resident of North Carolina," one writes. "Allowing something to pass in this great state proves the ignorance and arrogance the majority of the population in this state holds."

Adds another: "I am signing this petition because Amendment One is unconstitutional, and should never have been put on the ballot. The rights of the minority should never be voted on by the majority."

Check out some celebrity reactions to Amendment One below:

CORRECTION: The headline of this article has been corrected to specify that a North Carolina University student is launching the campaign.

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