An Obituary For America: 1776-2017

Calls for the authorities to pursue charges have fallen on deaf ears.
America in her early years.
America in her early years.

America, age 241, succumbed to her injuries and passed away peacefully at 6:02 p.m., January 19, 2017.

She was born on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia to George and Martha Washington. A feisty child, she yearned for freedom at any cost, and, although she never married, had several hundred million children throughout her long life, several of whom would end up conspiring to betray her.

A troubled adolescent, she advocated for, and participated in, the capture and enslavement of those different from her. However, as she got older, she was able to recognize the err of her ways, and, looking back, would later refer to that time as, “the most shameful and darkest period of my life.”

The knowledge and determination of not wanting to repeat the mistakes of her youth played a major role in strengthening her resolve to project an image of inclusion, diversity, and equality as she went forward in the world. This was especially true in her later years.

Having experienced, firsthand, the destructive effects of hate and separatist views, she was understandably crestfallen to recently learn a multitude of her sons and daughters had, in fact, themselves been supporters of the very practices she worked so hard to separate herself from.

Upon hearing the news that many of their siblings sought to erase/reverse their mother’s life’s work by, once again, targeting and persecuting individuals different from them, an overwhelming majority of her children banned together to prevent the ignorant actions of their sadly misguided brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, even though those misguided individuals represented only a fraction of her family, due to their well-placed political connections, they were able to successfully wrestle control away from their mother, virtually overnight, by having her declared “mentally unfit,” and, to the utter dismay of her loyal, loving children, were granted control of her estate.

The understandable shock and realization of knowing those she cared for and nurtured throughout their entire lives sought only to use their mother’s vast wealth and influence to practice an ideology based on hate and discrimination was too much for her elderly soul to bear. She died of a broken heart on January 19, 2017. Some have called her death a meticulously well-planned homicide. Others say that’s nonsense. It was simply her time.

Her funeral was held on January 20, 2017 in Washington, D.C. As a testament to her life’s work, it was watched by millions the world over. The eulogy was given by Donald J. Trump, Jr., one of her eldest sons and the one many believe to have orchestrated the deliberate plan to get rid of his mother for his, and his siblings’, own misguided purposes,

Calls for the authorities to pursue charges have fallen on deaf ears. Thus, the family has launched an independent investigation into the matter.

Donations in her name can be made to several worthy organizations, Planned Parenthood, N.O.W., and the N.A.A.C.P., all of which America supported throughout her tumultuous life.