America Cannot Go to War for Israel

We have a responsibility to stop this hysterical march to war. Iran does not pose any threat to America. The men pushing this war lied to us about Iraq, and they're lying now about Iran.
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The mongrel dogs of war are foaming at the bit. For years they've cowered in their damp trenches, bristling in the heat. But they're back now. They've gathered their sagging flesh and cast their milky, crusty eyes at Iran. The mongrel dogs of war are planning another war.

The Zionists Benjamin Netanyahu, Jeffrey Goldberg and George Will want young American men and women to attack Iran on behalf of Israel. These are the same men who wanted young American men to attack Iraq. But Iran is not Iraq, and many thousands of Americans will die in the next war. This will not be a cakewalk or a slam dunk. And no enwreathed children will greet Americans in the streets with lily-white flower petals.

There are thousands of Americans stranded in Iraq and Afghanistan, two states that share long and porous borders with Iran. It's foolish to think that if America attacks Iran, those American troops will emerge from the carnage unscathed. Iran is in no position to engage America in a conventional war, but that doesn't mean that it can't spill much American blood.

Mahan Abedin -- a fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government -- explains what a Zionist-propelled American war on Iran may entail:

The range of predictable responses available to the IRGC high command include dramatic hit and run attacks against military and commercial shipping in the Persian Gulf, the use of mid-range ballistic missiles against American bases in the region and Israel and a direct assault on American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. All these options are likely to be used within 48 hours of the start of hostilities...

What is less predictable is the response of the IRGC Qods Force, which is likely to be at the forefront of the Pasdaran's counter-attack. One possible response by the Qods force is spectacular terrorist-style attacks against American intelligence bases and assets throughout the region. The IRGC Qods Force is believed to have identified every key component of the American intelligence apparatus in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan...

The IRGC navy will also play a key asymmetrical role in the conflict by organising maritime suicide bombings on an industrial scale. By manning its fleet of speedboats with suicide bombers and ramming them into American warships and even neutral commercial shipping, the Pasdaran will hope to close the Strait of Hormuz, through which nearly 40 percent of world crude oil supplies pass...

The combination of these asymmetrical forms of warfare with more conventional style missile and even ground force attacks on American bases in the region will likely result in thousands of American military casualties in the space of a few weeks. The IRGC has both the will and wherewithal to inflict a level of casualties on American armed forces not seen since the Second World War...

Benjamin Netanyahu is a dangerously delusional man. His mind is encumbered by a fixation on the holocaust and Hitler. He zealously reanimates Hitler at every opportunity, thrusting him onto real world objects. Hiter is among us, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is his present day incarnation, or worse. That's how the Israeli Prime Minister can say the following, to an audience suffering from the same affliction:

"Hitler went out on a world campaign first, and then tried to get nuclear weapons. Iran is trying to get nuclear arms first. Therefore from that perspective, it is much more dangerous."

This is Benjamin Netanyahu's opportunity to kill Hitler.

It's a truism that old men declare wars, and young men die in them. George Will will never die in a war. And while Jeffrey Goldberg was a corporal in the Israeli army, he's too old to enlist in the American army now (although he appears to be a reservist in the Israeli army). Despite that, all Americans will feel the sting of war. Iraq and Afghanistan have contributed to the dismal economic reality in America today. A war on Iran will bankrupt the country.

America must not attack Iran; it also has an obligation to forestall an Israeli attack. The UK's Sunday Times reported that the Israelis may use nuclear weapons against Iran. This will be the first time nuclear weapons have been used since 1945. The wars on Lebanon and Gaza in 2006 and 2008, respectively, and the flotilla murders demonstrate the irrationality of the Israeli leadership. The Israelis must be disarmed before they strike Iran with nuclear weapons. The hypocrisy has gone on for long enough.

We have a responsibility to stop this hysterical march to war. Iran does not pose any threat to America. The men pushing this war lied to us about Iraq, and they're lying now about Iran. The warmongers and profiteers must be forced back into their kennels. They must be discredited and shamed. America cannot fight another war built on lies. America cannot afford another war for Israel.