America Continues To Get Trumped

(a non-partisan look at why 60% of us are stressed out....or... Why can't I have my own John Oliver typel show on HBO?)

An $800 billion cut from Medicaid has been submitted in both the trumpcare bill and the new budget bill to take away care from the very poor and disabled. At the same time, this Administration is giving $350 billion worth of our finest military technology to Saudi Arabia which was the country where the hijackers of 9/11 actually came from. They will have enough military hardware to attack or shadow attack Israel or another country. Saudi Arabia has enough money and ability to stop ISIS and terrorism in the Middle East but has never made a serious attempt. They will not start doing it now. Trump actually told the ungodly rich Saudi Arabians that he will make sure that they get a good deal from American contractors. Think about how absurd that sounds!

Trump was caught red-handed giving classified information to Russia regarding Israel in our own Oval Office . Then he goes to Jerusalem, puts on a yamakav, and acts like he's praying at the West Wall. I was waiting for lightning to strike at any minute. This is a man that worships only gold and money in his homes of pure gold from floor to ceiling filled with many gold idols.

All of his supporters during the campaign we're totally lied to and 80% of those still support him even though he boasted about a healthcare bill more affordable and more care then you can imagine. You ended up with a trumpcare bill with less care than the current system and no way of regulating high premiums and deductibles. You watched him constantly say that pre-existing conditions will not be taken out, yet the latest edit of the bill has it taken out and left up to the states.

In the budget bill that is being submitted this week, there is no trillion-dollar infrastructure and job stimulus plan promised by Donald Trump during the campaign. There are only cuts to actually much-needed programs. Things like free school lunches to poor kids and after school programs for kids in crime infested areas. Programs like these are a drop in the bucket but they are taken out just to be evil. The only thing that has been done since he has been elected is cut regulations for the oil industry and banking industry so they can make more profits. This does not create new jobs like boasted. These big companies put the money in their pockets. Trump lied to the poor and working-class regarding jobs and healthcare during his campaign. If you are part of Middle America and you still think that he will help you, wake up. He cares more about his rich friends in other countries than he cares about you. Trumpcare disguises a $300 million dollar tax break for everyone making over $250,000 per year. In the new income tax bill proposal, the wealthy will get billions more in tax cuts while the middle class gets practically nothing. While the 20% cut in the corporation tax seems like a good thing for business, all of this at once means we will not be able to pay for any infrastructure or job stimulus projects whatsoever. They are going back to the trickle-down theory where if the rich and super big corporations keep more of their money then it will be funneled back into the economy to help the lower and middle class. However, the rich will just keep hoarding wealth and big corporations will put it back into the pocket of the highest executives and shareholders.

If you are an intelligent Republican or a Democrat, you must agree by now that Donald Trump is a corrupt and lying man. For those who still support him, I hope you will start to put America first instead of treating this demagogue like a demigod. You went crazy when Hillary used a private email server that never got hacked, yet you are okay with Trump giving classified information directly to the Russians in our own over office which he has admitted that he has a right to do. After Benghazi, Clinton was a murderer, yet days after Donald Trump was elected he wanted to show his might by rushing a raid with our special forces and getting one killed because they enemy knew we were coming. And then he overseen a big bombing of ISIS at Mosul that was botched and killed 200 civilians. His rhetoric around the world has already put us back into a nuclear cold war.

If you voted for Donald Trump only because he is Republican and that is the anti-abortion party, do you even care about the abortions of the life of all the people that are losing their healthcare, including the very poor, disabled, and those with pre-existing conditions? That is what will happen if trumpcare is passed and $800 million is eliminated from Medicaid. And when all of these wars are started to make money for everyone involved, are you ready for the abortion of all of our young soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians?

Don't worry Republicans. Once this inept and corrupt man is impeached or made to leave due to Amendment 25 for his mental inability to serve, you will have President Mike Pence and Vice President Paul Ryan to carry on your agenda without worrying about selling our soul and classified information to the Russians. Once they follow the money and subpoena his tax returns, you will see his money laundering and business dealings with our non-allies.

I pray that God will bring back stability and unity to this country. I am all about supporting our current president no matter what party unless he is selling us out for his own agenda, giving away classified material, and blatantly lying to the people continuously about caring about their well-being and creating serious jobs. Adding 20,000 jobs in coal is not going to make America great again. And we don't have the raw resources to bring back high tech manufacturing to America. We need to think about the future and focus on developing jobs and leading the world in the the new industries like artificial intelligence infrastructure, underground hyperloops and sub-orbital air travel.

The main lesson that has been learned during all of this is that the power of the vote can be controlled by the people once again, and your representatives now know this and it scares them to death. Some of them seem to be listening to us again before they cast their vote. That's why the new Administration can not shove new laws down our throat so fast without working out the details like they thought they could, because Congress is now thinking about how this affects them in their reelection bids in 2018 and 2020.

Recently, at a conference at the Yale School of Medicine, a group of 30 psychology experts released a report where they all agreed that Donald Trump has a "dangerous mental illness" and is unfit to lead the US. They said it was the ethical thing to do to come out to the public regarding their concerns. They stated he has a narcissistic man-child mentality filled with paranoia and delusion. I'm going to guess that only two or three of those doctors were part of deep state, fake news conspiracy. Most probably knew what they were talking about.

"The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a job site, a football field, in an army, or in an office"

Dwight D. Eisenhower