America Ferrera Explains Why It’s So Important For Latinos To Vote

The actress says the "stakes are so high" this election cycle.

America Ferrera wants Americans to do themselves and the world a huge favor and vote this November. 

In an interview with The MVTO, the 32-year-old “Superstore” star explained why she feels there is nothing more important than the upcoming presidential election. 

“The stakes are so high for every American,” she explained. “And not just America, the world, because what happens in the U.S. has ramifications globally, as we’ve seen.”

Ferrera, who is Voto Latino’s Artist Coalition Co-Chair, also shared a pointed message to Latinos, explaining that when they vote, they’re not just voting for federal and local leaders, they’re voting for the best interest of their families, friends and communities.

“It is important to show up for yourself and know, especially inside the Latino community, that we have so much power, we have so much potential that we could exercise by using our voices in the voting booth. And I think that when we show up and we decide to represent ourselves in the voting booth is when things will change for Latin American communities in the United States, so we need to show up for ourselves and exercise that power,” she said. 

She summed it up best earlier in the interview: “What could be more important than being part of an election that will shape your lives and the lives of your families and your children, who you’re leaving behind?”

Right on. 



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