America in Crisis - Time for a Unity Government

So many things in this presidential election cycle are unprecedented that the word has lost some of its meaning. This cycle has shown one thing above all: Americans are mad as hell with politicians of all stripes and we are not going to take it anymore.

Let's make no mistake about it, we are at a moment of crisis in America and we need a radical change in course. When other nations face such a dilemma, when their political actors are too divisive and no consensus can be reached, they take themselves out of the equation. All parties back a government of technocrats to get things done, while the political class regroups and adjusts.

It is time for a complete cleanup and restart. A government of our nation's best and brightest. They can make the difficult choices that our political leaders are too impotent to make. They will serve for one term with a specific agenda and a fully named cabinet. Both parties will nominate the President and Vice President and the entire slate.

Implausible?‎ Sure. But here is how it could happen.

The Democrats have to get so concerned that Hillary's negative ratings and enthusiasm gap mean that while imminently qualified, she is just not the right president for America. I will not even discuss the concern about how an action by the Justice Department could disqualify her.

The GOP nominees have to all fall short of a majority of delegates; increasingly likely. The convention then has to come up with a consensus solution. There are three tribes now in the GOP. The Pro-Business Tribe, the Social Conservative Tribe and now the Trump Tribe. The Trump Tribe wants an incorruptible, strong business leader that will shake up DC. There is a candidate and slate that would appeal to Trump Tribe and Pro-Business Tribe. The Social Conservatives won't be thrilled, but two outta three ain't bad.

That person who can lead this technocratic, unity government is someone who has been at different times, a Democrat, a Republican and an independent. He is mega-billionaire and former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. Brilliant businessman, accomplished leader in the private and public sector, and incorruptible.

His team could include the following (just some ideas, who do you think would be best?):

  • Secretary Hillary Clinton - Vice President
  • Microsoft Chairman, Bill Gates - Chief Technology Officer
  • JPMorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon - Secretary Treasury
  • Trump Properties CEO, Donald Trump - Trade Negotiator
  • Berkshire Hathaway CEO, Warren Buffett - Chairman of Council of Economic Advisers
  • Secretary Ashton Carter - Defense Secretary
  • Senator Lindsay Graham- Secretary of State
  • General Colin Powell - Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos - Secretary of the Interior
  • Chief Justice John Roberts - Attorney General
  • Senator John McCain - Veterans Affairs
  • Governor Mitt Romney - Secretary of Commerce
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook - Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • The Reverend Jesse Jackson - Ambassador to the United Nations
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk - Secretary of Transportation
  • StudentsFirst Founder Michelle Rhee - Secretary of Education

Their policies could include (just some ideas, what are yours?):

  • Balance the Budget - We must live within our means as a nation
  • Tax Reform - Lower rates and simplify tax code closing loopholes and corporate welfare
  • Entitlement Reform - Put Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid on track for solvency
  • Immigration Reform - We are not deporting 11 million people, they need a path to citizenship, with fines and penalties as they broke the law; in addition, our visa program for highly skilled workers needs be amended so the world's best and brightest run to our shores
  • Regulation - Eliminate non-value added regulations and create national standards
  • Campaign Finance Reform - Our democracy is not for sale
  • Gerrymandering Reform - Force all states to have independent panel draw congressional lines so every congressman doesn't compete to be the most hard line and we can compromise again
  • Gun Control - The second amendment, and everyone's guns are safe, but background checks will be enforced and loopholes to purchase will be closed

Common sense. Pragmatic. Centrist. Bloomberg and his team can do in four years what is necessary. Then when we have balanced our books and reformed our institutions, they can ride off into the history books as the saviours of our country and the second set of founders, helping us to build an ever more perfect union. The political class can continue with their uselessness, without doing us much harm.