We're Number One! 11 Things America 'Wins' At (PHOTOS)

We're Number One! 11 Things America 'Wins' At (PHOTOS)

When it comes to the United States Of America, one thing is for sure: We're number one! (at a lot of ridiculous things). Don't get us wrong -- we've got every right to have patriotic pride -- but there are some world statistics that we probably shouldn't want to be #1 in. For instance, you might have known that we watch more television than any other country or that we have the most obese people, but did you know we also top the list of number of reptile deaths? And yes, that's "death by reptile" to be more specific. See what other statistics we found America "winning" from Nation Master's database and vote for the most ridiculous!

Assault By Rifle, Shotgun Or Larger Firearm

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