America: Love it or Leave it


Dear America,

I think it may be time to leave. I used to love you, I try to love you. Without question I love the promise of us, but in your current state I am finding you hard to love.

Ah back in the beginning there were so many hopes and dreams. Freedom from Religious oppression, a true Republic where our Representatives kept us from the worst of ourselves. Once you were young and full of promise.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly where it went wrong. I think that little love affair with Reagan had a lot to do with it. He did a lot to divide us and push us away from each other.

Bush and his Patriot Act pushed us even farther apart, and made it hard to believe that things could ever get better again.

Still I stuck with you. I occupied Wall Street, I wrote you letters, I engaged in protests, anything to get your attention.

But your love affair with the Koch brothers and quite frankly your slavish devotion to money has driven us even farther apart.

You used to care about people, even poor people. You even began a course to get away from your racism.

Yet you've changed. I don't even think you have hope any longer. I think you have become so corrupt and jaded that you can no longer see who you were. I beg you to think about when you were young, return to your promise. Look in the mirror and see why I am no longer able to love you.

It makes me sad to say this, sad to write this. It was never my intention, not at the beginning.

It is not that I am unable to see the best in you, it's just that there is so little of it these days.

I think it may be time for us to part ways. It hurts to say it but the paperwork has begun.

Please if there is any hope, let me know. I want not to do this, our separation will hurt me greatly but I can see no other solution.

Can you?

Respectfully yours,

Karl Wilder