America Lover

I love my little Honda Civic. If out of nowhere a psycho steals my car and rams an outdoor café, killing innocent people, I'll be devastated to have been in any way connected to such a horrible thing. But of the many emotions I will feel, one of them won't be a sudden hatred of my car. Someone evil took it and did harm. I want that sick monster in a cage FOREVER. I want the families of the injured repaid with every last drop of the crook's very existence, and then I want my Honda Civic.

As New Rome burns, the Nero-Cons fiddle with blonde women and celebrity divorces. The mainstream media is profoundly un-American. I will not allow the MSM to define me to me.

I'm an America lover. I'm in love with the notion behind my nation. A place for people's beliefs to be expressed, and our voices heard.

The Loyal-Blind struggle to accept that both TV and radio has betrayed the USA. These Tele-Cowards obediently attack the ones actually standing up for our country as if the President's word is law, even if it's breaking every other law. Always some snapping rage-ist broadcasting their assigned warpath. Constantly whining that 70 percent of America is traitorous. Actually trying to convince the rest of US that we're all evil for defending our precious own from a murderous lie.

The celebration of our 200 year escape from inbred kings will hopefully bring us together in a manner unseen in our brief history. Previous distinctions are withering under the light of day, and we're inventing how to see clearly again. We have been lied to, and that lie is that we're bad for trying to rescue our home.

I will be flying that grand old flag this 4th of July, flatly refusing to let the charlatans wag her at the majority of us, in a mockery of everything she initially stood for.

Let's hoist Old Glory this holiday.

It's the American thing to do.