America: Through The Eyes of A Nepali Writer

Krishna Dharabasi's "Great Falls"

As a result of releasing "JHOLA", a movie based on the literature of Krishna Dharabasi, the author of Great Falls visited 18 states in America; but his main objective was to understand American society. Great Falls is a travel novel which explores the journey of memoir in America.

As a Nepali, Dharabasi spent a long time in Nepal. Today, he resides in America, where he wants to practice and experiment new literature. Prior to beginning his novel, Dharabasi traveled through 18 states, looking to comprehend society in America. He successfully showed the reality of America for a Nepali in Great Falls. He depicted the Nepalis lifestyle, and the emotions one feels throughout his journey.

The United States of America is known for "The American Dream," and as a land of opportunity. Staying true to this, the author does not marginalize anyone. He writes about people who came through diversity and student visas, people attending public meetings and seminars, and cultural programs. Dharabasi offers a micro-analysis of the people who had been living in America illegally for years, including the daily routine of Bhutanese refuse.


Great Falls has a life of its own. In short, this novel offers organic feelings about America through the lens of a Nepalese writer. He wrote whatever he saw in the United States, as is. It all came from first hand experience. The novel appeals to ethos and logos, as it touches on Nepalese politics in America. I would recommend this book to people who are looking to understand Nepalese society in America.

Dharabasi depicts how he met his childhood friends as well as Nepalise celebrity in America. He notes that even though some of them are struggling in the USA as they did in Nepal, some of them well established. The author shows great affection to the nation as well as the Nepali brotherhood, and to all Nepalise. Although some descriptions were lengthy and unnecessary, it was overall well written and executed.

Dharabasi spent a year studying Nepalese and linguistic Bhutanese. After extensive research, including their life struggle, happiness and sorrow, he prepared new book named Grate Falls. We can say life is like a Great Falls. We all have dreams to be a great, but many obstacles come into our lives. Those who can overcome their struggles become successful, and those who give in to them fall into the pit of failure. Great falls can be looked at as the turning point of life. All of life's ups and downs are up to you. It is all about decision. Dharabasi is trying to educate his readers on life and struggle.

In the book, the author explained the United States of America clearly. You do not have to have traveled to each of the 18 states he talks about in order to comprehend them, and feel as if you have been there yourself. From the book you can easily learn about the lifestyle of Nepalise people. You can understand about Nepalese organizations, educators, social workers, Nepali politics, etc. You are able to feel every character in the novel. They come to life. There is a conversational style that has a familiar feel to it. Simultaneously, Dharabasi experimented. Many of his characters have their own self-definitions of life.

Dharabasi did not merely analyze Nepalese society in America. He pointed out the flaws and successes. He educates his audience, and even explains about how to be a successful writer. Renowned author Krishna Dharabasi has published more than two-dozen books. Great Falls is his latest work. He is a very popular writer in Nepal.