America: We Are Indicted

Skittles & Tea

Hands Up

I Can't Breathe

This sore's been festering so long its just about burst

Infected through centuries and covered with cheap band aides

Masquerading like progress

But raw wounds are the best time to protect against further infection

Feel the pain

Feel it truly and deeply

Let it wake us from caustic silence

And mobilize us to loud raucous action

Skittles & Tea

Hands Up

I Can't Breathe

America we are indicted

Justice has always been a journey

A path carved through Grief and Rage

A seat denied boldly claimed

A dream deferred passionately proclaimed

Skittles & Tea

Hands Up

I Can't Breathe

We are indicted

Photos in hoodies

Today, do we speak his name?

Facebook our rage

Tomorrow, will we mobilize and act?

Hashtag our pain

Next week, will we remember?

We are indicted

The system is not just broken

It was never designed to protect us all

Build new systems

Stand up from our armchair activism and demonstrate true sacrifice

But I'm hurt


Don't even know where to begin

Who did I love today?

What black child did I pour into today?

Fill him through my actions with the truth that his #black life matters

Feet pounding pavement

We march

Setting an agenda for change

We mobilize

Reclaiming our narrative

We tell the story

Of our power and our possibility

Of our love so deep that is causes us to Remember

Today, Tomorrow, Next Week,

Till change comes

Skittles & Tea

Hands Up

I Can't Breathe

We must remember

We must transform this moment into a movement


We are indicted.