This Is Why You Should Never Send A Terrorist Threat To An Airline On Twitter

UPDATE: The girl who sent the tweet has been arrested, BNO News reports.

A Twitter user is learning the hard way that threatening a major airline on social media is not the best idea.

On Sunday morning, a Twitter user named "Sarah," who claims to be a 14-year-old girl, tweeted this not-so-subtle message to American Airlines:

american airlines threat

The airline responded within minutes.

american airlines tweet

The airline's tweet has since been taken down, but not before Sarah got a chance to respond with a series of impassioned pleas:

Sarah's original tweet quickly went viral, garnering more than 10,000 retweets before finally being deleted. In a series of follow-up messages, Sarah -- whose Twitter account is full of news about pop sensation Demi Lovato -- expressed her awe at her sudden online fame.

In a statement to The Huffington Post, American Airlines wrote: "The safety of our passengers and crew is our number one priority. We take security matters very seriously and work with authorities on a case by case basis."

"Regarding [Sarah's] tweet," the statement continued, "we removed it after it had been addressed in order to be able to focus on our customers."

On Sunday afternoon, Sarah, who claims to "live 15 hours from the U.S.," seemed to express regret over her decision to post that troublemaking tweet.

Well, kind of.

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