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Woman Tweets To Find Man She Met On A Plane, Modern-Day Fairytale Unfolds

When Erica Domesek's Prince Charming didn't leave behind a glass slipper, she decided to resort to social media to track him down.

While flying on an American Airlines flight on March 15 from Dallas to Calgary, Canada, Domesek, the founder of the DIY lifestyle brand, "P.S. - I Made This," hit it off with the man sitting next to her, Yahoo reported.

After departing the plane without exchanging contact information or last names, she tweeted at the airline for help:

They replied saying that they're not able to give out passenger information, but wished her the best of luck in finding him and told her to keep them updated on the search:

Cinderella was pretty persistent:

Don't worry, folks. Her friend ended up spotting Clauco and, while Domesek declined to provide any further details to Yahoo, we think this love story has a happy ending. At least, we hope it does:

h/t Yahoo

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