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American Apparel Back To Porny Ads (NSFW PHOTOS, POLL)

It looked like American Apparel had adopted a new, demure advertising strategy after facing bankruptcy last fall. All of the ladies in the hipster headquarter's pics were, in fact, fully dressed -- even if the brand was using bad puns like "In Bed with the Boss."

But now Am Appy has taken its ads back. Way back, to the soft porn level, which is what it does when it's desperate. A girl modeling see-through lace underwear (NSFW at the link), one topless showing off her American Apparel nail polish (also NSFW) this actually moving...product? We feel filthy looking at them, but we admittedly have an urge to buy clothes. Clothes to give to the poor gals so they can cover up! Jeez.

Check out two of the ads we can actually show you and tell us what you think.

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