American Apparel Solar Panel Video: Going Green Never Looked So Sexy

LOS ANGELES -- Models in bikinis, armed with super-soakers? It's just another day at the American Apparel factory in Downtown LA.

Business Insider points to the company's online factory tour Monday, which includes a video showcasing American Apparel at its greenest.

First, the video spans the state-of-the-art solar panels installed on the roof of the building while (rightly) boasting that
"This system generates 150 kilowatts of clean, renewable power, contributing up to 15% of our energy needs." American Apparel then explains that, "In order to maintain maximum energy efficiency we wash our solar panels every three months."

Of course, this being American Apparel, things are never that simple. What follows is one minute of sexy summer fun: models in monokinis, triangle tops and teeny tiny shorts, all banding together to help save Mother Earth.

Business Insider brings up a concern from a reader, who writes that the models' good deeds may be having the opposite effect they intended. "Standing, laying or placing pressure on the panels cracks the solar cells internal to the panel," says the green energy tipster. "Any weight will create micro fractures damaging the panels and reducing output.

However, LA Weekly notes that the need to keep the panels clean is a real one, according to "It is important to keep your panels clean because anything from bird droppings and leaves can throw off your system."

If only going green were always this simple and sexy. Obama Administration, take note.