This Is How America Eats Bagels

In honor of National Bagel Day, Grubhub shared its bagel-related order data.

Food tastes and trends in the U.S. often vary by state and region. This certainly applies to bagels.

In honor of National Bagel Day on Wednesday, Grubhub put together a report on all things related to the popular breakfast bread, including top flavors, emerging trends and regional preferences.

The everything bagel is beloved nationwide.
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The everything bagel is beloved nationwide.

According to Grubhub’s 2019 order data, the nation’s favorite bagel flavor is everything, followed by sesame and cinnamon raisin. The most popular topping is regular cream cheese, followed by bacon and avocado.

Top Bagel Flavors In The U.S.

  1. Everything

  2. Sesame

  3. Cinnamon raisin

  4. Poppyseed

  5. Pumpernickel

Top Bagel Toppings In The U.S.

  1. Regular cream cheese

  2. Bacon

  3. Avocado

  4. American cheese

  5. Butter

When the food delivery service broke favorite flavors down by region, the everything bagel dominated everywhere except the Midwest, where cinnamon raisin is the number one pick. There are also some interesting choices below the top spot. Asiago is the fourth most popular flavor in the South, while chocolate chip has that ranking in the West.


  1. Everything

  2. Sesame

  3. Garlic

  4. Salt

  5. Blueberry


  1. Cinnamon raisin

  2. Poppyseed

  3. Everything

  4. French toast

  5. Blueberry


  1. Everything

  2. Pumpernickel

  3. Cinnamon raisin

  4. Asiago

  5. Blueberry


  1. Everything

  2. Poppyseed

  3. Garlic

  4. Chocolate chip

  5. Raisin

Grubhub also shared the five states with the highest percentage of bagel orders out of all orders: New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, Florida and Oregon.

And finally, the service calculated which bagel orders rose most in 2019, compared to 2018, to determine the “trendiest” flavors and sandwiches nationwide.

Trendiest Bagel Flavors

  1. French toast: 153% more popular

  2. Blueberry: 136% more popular

  3. Garlic: 114% more popular

  4. Pumpernickel: 114% more popular

  5. Sesame seed: 103% more popular

Trendiest Bagel Sandwiches

  1. Egg and cheese: 489% more popular

  2. Bacon, egg and cheese: 347% more popular

  3. Bagel and lox: 253% more popular

  4. Tuna salad: 224% more popular

  5. Egg salad: 98% more popular

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